miles_piAs a child growing up my father exposed me to lots and lots of music. Jazz, Rock , Soul, R&B, Country, Funk, Latin and god knows what else. Although we listened to everything, Jazz was my Pop’s main genre. Jazz was always playing in my household. Miles Davis was the first Jazz Musician I have ever heard. Being kinda overexposed to Jazz at a young age I was not able approciate Miles Davis’s Genius until later. The complexity of his music and his dedication to his craft inspired me to attempt to iconozize his ass with my art.

below is one of my tribute pieces to miles davis ( 3×4 ft Acrylic/Latex paint on canvas)

MiLES DAVIS T-Shirts are available !!! click here to be redirected to grab a TEE. or click the link pictured to the left. Prints of the above painting coming soon to JAMBDZN originals. Stay Posted.


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