This shits is for “Da Burds”

burd_piIn my life I have worked at some places that the lord knows I shouldn’t have been. Dead end jobs that utilize all of three to four brain cells. I don’t know the first time I heard the saying “This shit is for the birds”, but that is how I felt,when working these types of gigs. Like my brain, body, and future where on standby. I was sitting in a go-nowhere job wasting time like a fucking bird propped up in a tree looking and lurking at the world as it passed me by in a blur. This painting reminds me of that feeling… that feeling of wastefullnness. I’m bout to jumped out the tree and grab some of deez wormz. Ya’ heard me…I can change like that.

” Da Burds” picture above need jus a lil’ more twerk…a description and material composition will a company its completion.


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