mos_def@tab1Sometime in the fall of 2009 I was asked to do some event shooting for a Mos Def  Concert @ The Tabernacle (ATL, GA for those who dont know.). This is probaly my most memorative concert experience. Mos was performing his most recent still unrealesed single The Tournament”, I wasn’t at all fimilar with the album. I was completely blown away. This dude was spittin, play a beat machine ,and a drum set at the same “damn” time. Mid-shooting and at the beginning of the next song to be performed he blurted out these four words, POWER, INFLUENCE, PRESTIGE, CONTROL. These words once heard have been burned in to my brain. Simply put, It felt like someone took four objectives that are neccesary in my life order to acheive what I want and then put them to music. These four words have been inspiration for a few of my future projects.

Below are some more pictures of Mos Def @ The Tabernacle.

as the story continues… after some time of creative deliberation, this is what I translated from my previous experience. My In Progress Piece you see here…


finished product.

22 x 22 x 4

Mixed Media

Acrylic, Spray Paint, Resin


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